What shall I tell my children who are black

Of what it means to be a captive in this dark skin?…

I must find the truth of heritage for myself and pass it on to them.
In years to come, I believe because I have armed them with the truth,
my children and their children’s children will [carry on after*] me.
For it is the truth that will make us free!

By Margaret Burroughs
“The story and the story teller both serve to connect the past with the future, one generation with the other, the land with the people and the people with the story.”
— Linda Tuhiwai Smith,Decolonizing Methodologies, (2012)
About Author

My Name is Teeanna Munro (Maternal last names: Phillips King Taylor). i identify as a poet, woman, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece & cousin, as well as a learner and educator. i am Black. not cafe latte or milk chocolate. i am interested in the Reclamation of definitions, names, and space. my work is centered around this and the preservation of people’s stories, specifically my family’s stories. in my spare time i enjoy cooking, baking, reading essays on Black feminist theories and listening to public enemy.

i am currently learning how to love fiercely without hurt, baggage or favor, given that the love that is shown to me is only through grace and mercy.


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